On October 10, 2008, my dad left this life to spend eternity with our Lord and Savior. Thirteen days before that he learned he had cancer. Six days before his leaving this life the Gospel of Jesus was shared with him. The Gospel had been shared with him before, but this time he outwardly revealed he wanted Jesus to live in his life.


I learned from my dad that people of all ages want to be connected with others. Due to poor health in the last couple of years of dad’s life, dad kept in contact with those he loved by making daily telephone calls. Gradually, dad became completely homebound, except for his doctor’s appointments. Because of his inability to travel, dad so enjoyed people stopping by to see him.


Within weeks of dad’s “going home”, mom developed ovarian cancer. By the time the doctors found where it originated, she was in Stage 4 (the final stage). We were blessed to have her with us for 2 ½ more years. Six months into her cancer treatments, she decided she wanted to start doing one-on-one Bible Study, something I had offered to her many times. It was amazing to watch her go from a place of fear to a place of peace. She was so hungry for God’s word. She went from knowing OF Jesus to KNOWING Jesus. She had made the comment on one occasion that she hoped she lived long enough to “bear fruit.”


God has used the experiences with both of my parents to plant the seed in my mind that eventually has become GRACE Adoption Inc.


Love, coupled with life’s experiences, has a way of opening one’s eyes to the needs of others. It also has instilled in me the joy of spending time with the elderly. I have had the honor of being a friend to many “senior citizens” since my parents’ “going home”. Some of them have also departed this earth, but not without the genuine caring of another human being. You too can make a positive difference in someone else’s life. Please consider becoming a part of GRACE Adoption Inc. You will be a blessing to a senior citizen, but in blessing others, you will be blessed!


Calvin Neeman is the founder of Triada Advisors, a financial wealth management firm headquartered in Columbia Illinois. Throughout his career Cal has served in multiple capacities on numerous civic and church organizations. Currently Cal is the congregational president of Immanuel Lutheran Church in Waterloo, Illinois. He is married to Carol Neeman and they reside in Waterloo. Cal is a wonderful addition to Grace Adoption, with both his business acumens and passion for servitude he will enable Grace Adoption to expand their current capacities.


Patty Roosevelt, a former early childhood educator and a currently practicing professionally licensed counselor in the area, encourages you to consider being a “friend” and/or supporter of Grace Adoption.  She’s seen the beneficial impact that a healthy relationship can have on individuals of all ages and abilities and has experienced, herself, the healing power of giving of herself in the service of others.  She invites you to join this God-glorifying ministry in order that you, too, may experience the blessing of sharing of yourself with this often forgotten and underserved population.